Innovative Speaker Repairs, has taken the audio repair industry by storm!!!.

Here at ISR we pledge to give great service, honourable pricing, speedy repairs, quality control and to ensure that your audio equipment is in good hands.

We rewind voice coils to manufacturing specs and continue to source only the best products nationally and internationally for our speaker repairs, which ensures a higher quality of repair.

Our Services Include:

  • Replacing worn speaker components
  • Voice coil rewinding to micro specs
  • Outer surround suspension
  • All other repairs to all makes and sizes of speakers 

High Quality

This can be attributed to neatness, accuracy, determination and perseverance and the fact that we will never walk away from a challenge. We believe the biggest contribution to high quality in our work, is our relationship to our clients, listening to people’s problems and then ensuring the highest form of repair and service.

Our vision and mission for ISR is to...

Constantly improve on service and quality using the latest technology.

Our main drive is customer service and satisfaction.

Some New Products and Services:

Installations; Speaker Repairs; Selling new and Pre-used audio equipment; Audio electronic repairs.

The Worlds First Tree Speaker - proudly manufactured by ISR

ISR is now offering sound hire for up to 400 people indoors.

 Here are a few events we cover: 




-School dances/ functions



Customized Wall Units


Here at ISR we believe in creativity, therefore using your imagination as our platform to create the perfect Audio/Video display units to enhance your AUDIO/VIDEO experience.